Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are just a few votes short of what they need to pass TrumpCare in the House. The House Rules Committee is meeting today.  Let your MoCs know that we won’t let up until we know that TrumpCare is dead for good. Every day this week, tell your MoC that you don’t want Congress wasting any more time on TrumpCare: How To Save the Affordable Care Act (Again).


Today, May 1, immigrants and allies across the nation are taking part in Rise Up, a day of action against Trump’s vicious attacks on immigrants, from the Muslim ban to escalating raids and deportations, to the border wall plan. Here are some resources for standing indivisible with immigrant families in your community:

  • Immigrant Ally Toolkit: An Indivisible toolkit developed in partnership with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), Local Progress, National Immigration Law Center, Reform Immigration for America, and United We Dream.
  • May 1 Digital Toolkit: Rise’s Up’s tools for spreading the word about today’s day of action.
  • Q&A Recording: If you missed Indivisible and National Immigration Law Center’s joint Facebook Live Q&A on Thursday, you can catch up now. We’ve got answers to questions about understanding the Trump administration’s immigration policies, how to get involved in Rise Up actions, and what else you can do locally to support immigrant rights.


Last Wednesday, the Administration released a two-pager short on details and numbers.  INDIVISIBLE Guide has put together a comprehensive explanation of the “Tax Plan”.  The one 1040 form we have shows Trump would benefit mightily from the provisions in the 2-pager, not to mention the elimination of the Estate Tax which would cost the government BILLIONS and benefit only the very wealthiest.  And remember, Trump should not weigh in on our taxes until we can see his: remind your House Representative to support a discharge petition for the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (H.R. 305).

Plenty for now – keep resisting!