Indivisible Guide has put together an excellent list of things to “watch out for” in Trump’s proposed budget.  This is a good time to “brush up” on the details of how the budget and appropriations processes work in Congress.  Here is some more information on the process.

Tune into Facebook Live Thursday May 25 at 8:30 PM for a discussion of the CBOs (Congressional Budget Offfice) scoring of Trump’s proposed budget.  Learn about the score & next steps.


The Congressional Budget Office’s score is out and predictably it is no better than the scoring of the first version of Trumpcare.  Here’s a primer on understanding the CBO numbers like a pro.  Keep pressure on our Senators.  It is more important than ever.  Keep telling Senators Markey &  Warren that a vote for TrumpCare is unacceptable.  Here are some additional resources & next steps from the Indivisible Guide.


A special counsel was an important step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. We need an independent commission.  Why?  Minuteman Indivisible in Lexington, MA offers this explanation:

“We welcome the appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel.  However, given that a special prosecutor looks narrowly for specific crimes, it may not unearth all the truth regarding the interactions between the Trump campaign and outside hackers (Russian or otherwise). An independent commission can investigate but has no ability to prosecute anyone for wrongdoing. A special congressional committee sounds good but doesn’t hold much more power than the current congressional committees that are investigating. One should not have to be a constitutional law professor in order to ask for the truth. What do citizens want? We want the truth about Russian Influence in the 2016 presidential election and we want that investigation to hold weight.

The Senate has introduced bill S.27 and the House has introduced bill H.R.356 – both in support of a commission to investigate.

Take Action:
Call your MoCs and tell them that you want an independent commission in addition to the Mueller special counsel. (Elizabeth Warren has already tweeted “As Mueller steps up to enforce the law, Congress must step up too – with its own independent, bipartisan, & transparent investigations.” and Markey also commented on the need for fully funded and supported congressional investigations.).  Urge friends with republican MoCs to do the same.

Tell them that you support H.R.365 / S.27. Call today. Call tomorrow. Keep calling until we get the facts.”

Get started now with Indivisible Guide’s toolkit on Russia and Trump.  The web of characters in this is explained via helpful charts.