Happy Monday fellow RUWMI activists.

What an incredible weekend it was. The Women’s March 2.0 is in the books and by all accounts we sent a strong message to the White House that we aren’t going away! We showed up all across America!

We hope many of you were able to join the one of the marches. We were in Northampton and the turnout and energy were awesome. Here are some links you may be interested in.


RUWMI Announcements

We started 2018 with a bang, working hard to keep to the priorities and actions we chose as our areas of focus this year. Last week we participated in the march and hosted a table at the activist fair working on writing postcards to House members about AVR. We got well over 100 postcards into the mail today!

We continue next week by hosting a postcard party, this time for the Safe Communities Act. This event will be on Monday, Jan 29th and will be in lieu of our next monthly meeting. Please see details in the event section below.

Also, RUWMI is turning 1 next month. We are working on planning something fun to celebrate. We will keep you posted!


Action Items
  • RUWMOneSmallThing – This weekend, in the wake of the government shutdown, the White House took two unprecedented steps to further divide the nation. The first is the release of an inflammatory and racist campaign ad which you can watch here

    The second is this recording now heard when you call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111. You can listen to it here.

    We must not let these actions go unchecked. So, this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference, is to voice your opposition to these actions strongly and loudly.

    You can email your comments using this link. Of course, you can also tweet them to @WhiteHouse.


  • Help Protect the Dreamers – Given today’s vote to reopen the government, without the promise of a clean DACA bill, we need EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. to take at least one action to help protect and defend the dreamers. Here are some things you can do.
    • Call Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell at 202-225-3121 and demand they get to work and pass an actual solution that protects Dreamers NOW.
    • Luckily both MA Senators and all MA Reps are “Dream Heroes” and voted on the right side of this issue. So, let’s call them and thank them for their support.  Here is a link to a call script. Do not underestimate how important these Thank You calls are.  Our MoC’s need to know we are watching and paying attention!
    • You aren’t done making calls yet however. We all know someone who is a constituent of a Rep or Senator who is a “Dream Killer”.  Here is a list you can check.  Once you do, find 1 friend or family member (or 2 or 3) whose MoC is on that list and URGE them to call.  You can give them this link to a call script for Dream Killers.
    • You can find the Representatives’ contact info here
    • You can find the Senators’ contact info here


  • Take this Poll from MarchOn – Join Operation Marching Orders: Register for the Poll. MarchOn is working on a project to crowd source their agenda.

    By registering to take our survey we will hear from YOU, the marchroots, and get to know your ideas for helping convert the moment of the women’s march into a movement.  You can find the sign-up for the survey here.

  • Write a letter to the editor expressing your support of the Safe Communities Act. There is a statewide campaign going on in MA right now to put letters-to-the-editor or op-eds in every online/print media outlet in the Commonwealth in support of the Safe Communities Act.
  • Bookmark this link – Here is an updated link to companies that sell Trump Brands, have contributed money to Trump, advertise on Hannity etc. If you want to engage in a little resistance you can do so by flexing a little consumer power and avoiding doing business with these companies.


  • Let’s not let Trump’s Racist Remarks go unchecked! – Here are a few actions you can take.
    • Sign this petition to tell our democratic MoC’s to boycott Trump’s State of the Union Address.
    • Call our Senators, Edward J. Markey (202) 224-2742 and Elizabeth Warren (202) 224-4543 and urge them to boycott.
  •  Register new citizens to VOTE – You can volunteer to help with MIRA’s voter registration drives. These happen directly after naturalization ceremonies throughout the state of Massachusetts, often at Faneuil Hall or other landmarks in the Greater Boston Area. They are typically on Thursday afternoons, and volunteers are usually needed for about an hour (1:30–2:30 pm).  Registering new voters is fun and easy, and all materials—clipboards, forms, and pins—are provided. To see all our upcoming voter registration drives and sign up, use this link.


Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events


  • Film & Forum on Opioid Crisis – January 24, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, Forbes Library

20 West St, Northampton. HEROIN(E)– This documentary follows three women — a fire chief, a judge and a street missionary — as they battle West Virginia’s devastating opioid epidemic in the overdose capital of the country, Huntington W.VA. Following is an hour-long public forum with local leaders and people in recovery tackling our own crisis here. Free and accessible. You can view the event on Facebook here.


  • Meet Tahirah Amatul-Wadud – candidate for Congress for First Congressional District (currently held by Rep. Richard Neal). January 28, 2:00 PM (doors open at 1:45). Fellowship Hall, 17 Little Mohawk Rd., Shelburne. You can find out more about Tahirah at here. Hosted by Franklin County Continuing Political Revolution


  • Western MA Peace, Climate and Social Justice Activists Party for Bob Massie for Governor – January 28, 2:00-3:00PM, Hitchcock Center for the Environment, 845 West Street, Amherst. Legendary activist Frances Crowe is a co-host and speaker. For further information please email Vivienne Simon @vivsimon@earthlink.net. After this event a brief Delegate Training from 3:30-4:30 will take place to prepare for the caucuses and the Democratic convention. Our own Alicia Fleming is one of he co-hosts of this event.


  • Voices for Sanctuary Benefit Concert – January 28 at 4 PM – 6 PM, Jewish Community of Amherst, 742 Main Street, Amherst. The Leverett Chorus will perform a benefit concert, “VOICES FOR SANCTUARY”, in collaboration with the First Church Amherst’s Immigrant Sanctuary Fund. This concert is a benefit to support the family of Lucio Perez who is in Sanctuary at First Church Amherst. In addition to raising much needed funds for Lucio’s family, struggling economically without Lucio’s income, the concert will celebrate through song the loving, generous, strong community that continues to grow in support for Lucio, immigrant justice and resistance to cruel deportation policies. Suggested $10 donation (or more if inclined) at the door. Donations will go to the First Church Amherst’s Immigrant Sanctuary Fund, are tax deductible, and will go to Lucio’s family. View the event on Facebook here.


  • Senator Markey Hosting Amherst Town Hall – January 28 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM, Amherst-Pelham Regional Middle School, 170 Chestnut Street, Amherst. Ed invites you to join him for a town hall discussion on the GOP tax bill, climate change, immigration, net neutrality and more. Any questions, please call their Springfield office at 413-785-4610. View event on Facebook


  • Safe Communities Postcards at Panera (RUWMI Event)January 29 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM, Panera Bread, 601 Memorial Drive, Chicopee. Come join us as we write postcards to Massachusetts State Senators and Representatives to urge them to Support the Safe Communities Act! One in six Massachusetts residents is an immigrant. The federal government wants state and local law enforcement to serve as “force multipliers” for its crackdown on immigrants. The Safe Communities Act would stop that from happening in our state. The Safe Communities Act protects the civil rights, safety and well-being of all residents by drawing a clear line between immigration enforcement and public safety. Nearly half the Massachusetts Legislature has co-sponsored the bill and it’s time to get the rest on board.

Join us for an evening of postcard writing and conversation (with the option to purchase dinner if you choose). For more information you can view the event on Facebook here.


  • Secrecy, Surveillance, and National Security – January 30 at 7 PM – 9 PM, Jones Library, 43 Amity St, Amherst. Since 9/11, successive U.S. administrations have kept Americans in the dark about controversial and sometimes illegal counterterrorism programs. In 2018, as the Trump administration doubles down on its national security strategy, how do we ensure the rights of all Americans are protected? How can we hold the government accountable when it resists oversight and transparency? How should we understand the tradeoff between security and privacy? What models do other democracies offer to guarantee government accountability and the rule of law when it comes to national security? Join us on January 30 to hear constitutional law expert, Sudha Setty, unpack this complex issue. This event is co-sponsored by Critical Connections and Karuna Center for Peacebuilding. For more information view the Facebook event


  • Automatic Voter Registration – Lobby Day – January 31 at 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM, 24 Beacon St, Boston, Room 428. The Election Modernization Coalition will be hosting a lobby day on January 31st to convince legislators to make Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) a top priority in 2018. Lobby day is a day when members of the public meet with their representatives at the State House to explain why an issue (in this case, AVR) is so important. We will spend an hour teaching you the tips and tricks to speaking with legislators before sending you off to attend scheduled meetings with your representatives to advocate for this vital reform. Registration begins at 9:30, and the program will run from 10:00-12:30. Sign up here. Get more information in the Facebook event If you are interested in carpooling email us at Riseupwesternmass@gmail.com and we will try to connect you with others in the group who are planning to attend.


  • Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance, Watch Party – January 31 livestream at 8:00. Movement leaders including Senator Bernie Sanders, and many more will deliver the state of our climate movement. They will share stories on the urgency of the current political and climate crises, and light our path ahead: resist the Trump Administration’s ongoing attacks on our climate, build power towards the 2018 and 2020 elections, and secure the lasting change we need through local action. Use this link to a find a “watch party” near you (there is one in Hartford and one in Northampton.


  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here. Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendar for additional events.


From Indivisible National

Indivisible Statement on Congressional Deal on Continuing Resolution

Today, Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement on the Senate’s vote on a continuing resolution:

“This deal was morally reprehensible and political malpractice.

It’s Senator Schumer’s job to keep his caucus together and fight for progressive values. He failed in that today.

Republicans have consistently negotiated in bad faith, demonstrating that they have no interest in actually protecting Dreamers. And for months, Democratic leadership has reassured Dreamers that Democrats would use all their leverage to get the Dream Act done. They caved in early September, but promised to use their leverage in early December. They caved in early December, but promised to use their leverage by the end of the year. They caved at the end of the year, but they promised to use their leverage in January. And now they caved again, but promised to use their leverage in February. Democrats clearly want to keep Dreamers as a talking point, but they need to grow a spine and actually fight for the Dream Act.

There are exceptions. Indivisible is extremely proud of those senators that followed through on that commitment today, including Democratic Senators running for reelection. These are profiles in courage – true leaders who deserve the support of Indivisibles in their states and across the country.

The big blue wave that Schumer hopes will make him Senate Majority Leader in 2019 will not build itself. This weekend, millions of Americans literally took to the streets. They weren’t asking their Senators to cave to Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda. They were asking their Senators to fight. Instead, Schumer led his caucus to surrender, demoralizing his base and ensuring more Dreamers will be deported before this is resolved.

Our message to Dreamers and their families: Indivisible is fighting with you. We’ve been honored to fight beside you and follow the lead of brave activists who have put their bodies on the line. Indivisible groups in every state are committed to fighting until everyone is here to stay.”


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