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#INDIVISIBLE & Resisting the Trump Agenda

About Rise Up Western Mass

Indivisible: First Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Rise Up Western Mass Indivisible is registered with the national Indivisible movement, and is based in the First Congressional District of Massachusetts.  We work to engage residents of the greater Springfield area in Hampden County in the democratic process. Through organization & education, Rise Up Western Mass Indivisible supports a progressive agenda at all levels of government. We believe that the unification and empowerment of the American people is healthy for democracy and reject politics infused with fear, anger, ignorance, and divisiveness. We will resist all attempts to restrict personal freedom, endanger our planet, and sacrifice those who cannot Rise Up themselves. We support, and will become ourselves, strong leaders who are intelligent, courageous, inclusive and brave. #INDIVISIBLE. Join us – we are in it for the long game.

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