Hello fellow RUWMI activists!

You will notice two differences in this week’s newsletter.  First, that it is coming early (that’s because your editor is leaving for vacation).  Second, the format of this newsletter will be different – it’s short and sweet and focused only on GOTV for our primary on Tuesday!   

Let’s do this!

Here are helpful voting information links

  • Find your MA voting location on the MA Secretary of State Website here.
  • Get all sorts of voting and election information for MA from Vote Save America here.

Still haven’t decided who to vote for? The 2020 Democratic Primary is still a crowded field.  Check out candidates’ Facebook pages, websites, and event links.  Get to know them and where they stand on issues that are important to you and contact them if you have questions.   Here are some links that may help.

  • Check out Indivisible’s Candidate Scorecard here.
  • Check out the I Side With website 
  • Try this quiz from the Washington Post here
  • Listen to candidate interviews from Vox here
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Want to pepper your social media with pics and GIFs on voting day?  Here you go! 

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