Hello fellow RUWMI activists.

This coming weekend IS The Last Weekend! It’s time to pull out all the stops and give it all we’ve got. Never give up!

“The blue wave it’s not just one big wave, but it’s little drops. It’s people making small efforts, and it’s going to make a big difference in November.”


Voting and Candidate Information

Onward to November 6th!  #TheVoteOfYourLife

Here are important voting related dates to put on your calendar!

  • November 3rd-4th – “The Last Weekend” canvassing and phone banks in swing districts near us like NY-19 for Antonio Delgado. Click here for more info.
  • November 6thNationwide mid-term elections. We need to show up in record numbers to make that blue wave happen! 

Here are helpful links to bookmark and share!

  • Register to vote or update any information on your registration in MA here. (Note, young people turning 18 on or before election days can also register!)
  • Find your MA voting location here.
  • Find candidates worthy of your vote here.
  • Download an MA absentee ballot application here. (You can also pick up a ballot at your local town or city hall.)

KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES – Here are the Democratic candidates who will appear on our ballot in November.  Check out their Facebook pages, websites, and event links.  Get to know them and where they stand on issues that are important to you and contact them if you have questions. Campaign events will be added as they become available.

** We have not included Candidates for State Rep because there are too many to list all of them and most of the races are uncontested.  If there is a particular State Rep candidate you are interested in seeing listed here, please email us.

Action Items

  • RUWMOneSmallThing – This week’s RUWMIOneSmallThing is to VOTE. Early voting started in Massachusetts on October 22nd. If you haven’t voted yet, DO IT TODAY.  Vote for all the Democratic candidates, and vote “YES” on all three Ballot Questions.  Then, wear your “I Voted” sticker proudly, and tell everyone you know. To find information about your town’s early voting locations / schedules, click here, and then choose your town.
  • Help RUWMI Spread the Word! – We can’t expect a lot of people to take the actions we post or show up to events we advertise, unless a lot of people know about them!  Thus, we at RUWMI are on a mission to get this newsletter into as many inboxes as possible. Can you help? 
    • Forward this email to three friends and add a note telling them to click on the link at the bottom so they can sign up.

Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events

  • Phone Bank and Post Card Tuesday – Tuesday, 10/30. 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Each one of you are part of creating the Bluenami!!  Let’s keep up the calls for Elyssa Slotkin (Michigan 8) at home or in Amherst.  30 Minutes a day will widen her lead out of the margin of error.  Join us Tuesday night 6-9 pm for the last phone bank and post-card writing! Sign up here: Tuesday, October 30, 6-9 pm (Amherst)  Thank you for all you’ve done! One more week!  All hands on deck!
  • Election Protection Training  –  Thursday 11/1 5:30 PM (Zoom) – From Common Cause: Volunteer to be an Election Protector. You will be providing a critical service during this election—being the eyes and ears of the election protection coalition in vulnerable urban precincts across the state. We have gotten wind of a possible voter challenge campaign and your services could be especially needed.  On-line Training Thursday November 1 at 5:30 PM on Zoom https://zoom.us/j/603577278

After you sign up for a shift and for training we will assign you a polling place in our priority locations are Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lawrence, Lowell, and Brockton. While less helpful, you can also volunteer in your home town or another location closer to home.  RSVP for your training and shift by clicking here.    (PLEASE NOTE that online trainings require you to download Zoom, which is actually very easy to use.)

  •  “Last Weekend” canvassing for Delgado – Saturday 11/3 – Sunday 11/4Calling all canvassers!  We need a few hearty Western Mass-ers to knock on doors in NY-19 where Democrat, Anthony Delgado, is running against Republican incumbent, John Faso.  This race is too close to call right now, but YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Sign up to carpool and cavass with us! CONTACT: erin@riseupwesternmass.com to sign up.
    • Saturday 11/3 – Chatham, NY, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    • Sunday 11/4 – Chatham, NY, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Help GOTV for Jay Gonzales. Saturday 11/3 – Tuesday 11/6.  Click here for background information.  Then, volunteer for GOTV with the Coordinated Campaign:
  • Sanctuary in the Streets General Assembly – Monday, 11/5, 6:00PM, The Parlor Room, 32 Masonic St, Northampton. What is Sanctuary in the Streets? Sanctuary in the Streets is a rapid response network of 2,000 people and 40 congregations mobilizing against raids and deportations, workplace abuse, and hate crimes. We have a 24-hour response hotline and have trained 800 people to rapidly mobilize as a detention is taking place. Thus far, we have accompanied over 40 individuals/families facing immigration detention and/or deportation, and have worked with dozens of workers to win justice in cases of wage theft, retaliation, and sexual harassment. What happens at the general assemblies? View this recurring event on Facebook here.
  • OFA Conference Calls.  Monday11/5- Monday 12/3.  Honesty. Decency. Lawfulness. We need to reaffirm these things as United States values. OFA (Obama’s organization) is holding monthly conference calls to get updates on issues and highlights from volunteers, chapters, and teams. Click here to participate in the OFA calls on the first Monday of every month.

Remember what real leadership looks like?  “The anecdote to government by a powerful few, is government by the organized energized many.” – B Obama.  Watch this video: Obama: Trump is a Shameless Liar, “Let Me Run Through This Just to Jog Your Memory

  • – Tuesday, 11/6. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!
  • – Tuesday, 11/13, 6:00-8:00PM, Arthur T Talmadge, 1395 Allen St, Springfield. Join At-Large City Councilor Jesse Lederman along with Ward 7 City Councilor Tim Allen, Ward 5 City Councilor Marcus Williams, At-Large City Councilor Tracye Whitfield, At-Large School Committeewoman Latonia Monroe-Naylor, and At-Large School Committeewoman Denise Hurst for a Town Hall Style meeting at Talmadge Elementary School. All residents are invited to come share their questions, thoughts, concerns, and ideas for Springfield in a community setting, and hear updates on the work being done by your elected officials. View event details here.
  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here.  Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendar for additional events. Also, to be “in the know” about what Indivisible groups are doing across Massachusetts, sign up for the MA ACTION newsletter by sending an email to: news@indivisible-ma.org.

Indivisible National

Get Your Events Out There  Indivisible MA is making it easy to create and promote your events! Creating an event or promoting an event on the Indivisible MA website will send your event to Indivisible MA’s calendar, newsletter, slack channels, website, action updates email list, and very soon, map!

  • Use Indivisible MA’s event promotion form to promote an event with a system you already have set up, like evite or Facebook.
  • Use Indivisible MA’s create an event form and subsequent Action Network setup to create an event using Indivisible MA’s event management system called Action Network. Action Network gives you event management tools at your fingertips, like the ability to download your RSVP information, make the address of the event private until someone RSVPs, email all of the people who have RSVP’d, send automated reminder emails before the event to people who have RSVP’d, and more. Creating an event through Action Network will also automatically promote your event.

Both forms can be found under the “Midterms Action” menu at www.indivisible-ma.org.  No matter how you create an event, remember that you are also one of the best promoters of your own event! Email it to people, share it on social media, and call people to confirm they are coming. See Indivisible MA’s Tips for Organizing Events for Indivisible MA’s guide to best practices.

Questions about how to use these tools? Email Indivisible MA’s tech person, Jess, at jnahigian@gmail.com  Submitted by Jessica Nahigian, Indivisible MA 

The More You Know

A recent Gallup poll found that just 26% of 18- to 29-year-olds are certain to vote in this year’s midterm election—less than half of any other age group.    If we can’t change those numbers, you can kiss the blue wave goodbye. Thankfully, MoveOn has a plan. 

Since 2017, MoveOn has been developing a text messaging tool called Spoke, which helps volunteers send texts directly to potential voters. It’s a great way to help get young people to vote. They are the cord-cutting generation. They don’t watch TV—they stream. And they don’t talk on the phone—they text.

Over the next 8 days, volunteers for MoveOn will send more than 20 million texts to potential voters whom we could not have reached using more traditional methods like phone calls or email.  This will cost money.  To help with this effort, click here.

Check This Out

Vote.org has partnered with Lyft to make it easier to get to your polling place and exercise your right to vote.   This year, Lyft is offering Vote.org users a discounted ride to the polls on November 6. Claim your code now.

After you unlock the promo code, you’ll see it in your Lyft app on Election Day. There are a limited number of codes available, so be sure to claim one and share this info with your friends as soon as possible.

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