RUWMI Weekly Email – 12/24/18

Hello fellow RUWMI activists!

We know that for many of you the next couple of days will be filled with holiday events so we wanted to get this newsletter out to you before the hustle and bustle begins. It seems that Trump has seen fit to gift all of us a government shut-down this holiday season. We at RUWMI wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas and we sure hope that Santa has something better than a government shut-down to tuck into your stockings this year!

RUWMI Announcements

Introducing the CD-1 Progressive Coalition! – Over this last month we have been hard at work collaborating with other progressive groups in our congressional district to plan coordinated actions, now that Richie Neal will be chairing the House Ways and Means Committee.  RUWMI has partnered with FCCPR (Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution to head up this coalition and organize the first two actions.

First, we drafted a letter, which was signed by over a dozen groups in our district.  The letter, sent last week, serves to both congratulate Neal on his new Chairmanship, and to outline the desires of his progressive constituents here in CD1.

Our second action is a friendly rally scheduled for January 3rd at noon, at Neal’s Springfield Office, 300 State Street.  This action is part of Indivisible National’s call to action, and is one of many actions planned nationwide on that day. Here is a link to RSVP.

Action Items

  • RUWMOneSmallThing – For most of you reading this, the next few days will be filled with holiday activities. So, this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference, is to take a small break from the politics and enjoy time with friends and family.  We’ll be here with actions and events for you once the gifts have been opened and the eggnog cups are empty!  Rest up, recharge and mark your calendars for our first action of the new year on January 3.
  • Share facts about Trump’s Tax Scam – Trump’s Tax Scam is one year old already.  Since that time, the rich have gotten richer while works received crumbs.  Let’s make sure to keep these facts circulating, but sharing this graphic on your own social media.
  • Call and Tweet Congress: Reject Trump’s Immoral Wall – This action comes to us from the National Immigration Law Center. They write “Last week, Trump threw a temper tantrum on national television and said he would be “proud” to shut down the government if he doesn’t get what he wants. In other words, Trump is willing to disrupt the lives of hundreds of thousands of federal employees and put our economy at risk just so he can get his wasteful wall.” Use this link to call and tweet your MoCs.
  • Have you signed this petition yet? – One important first action Neal and Pelosi will take with regard to the Ways and Means Committee is to add new members.  We want to make sure that these new members are progressives to reflect the make-up of the democratic caucus.  One of the progressive voices seeking to join is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Add your name to this petition, urging incoming-speaker Nancy Pelosi to put Ocasio-Cortez on the committee.
  • Write a few more postcards – From Rogan’s List: Postcards to Voters’ volunteers are still working on a January 8 Virginia special election with Campaign 140: Jennifer Boysko for State Senate. Let’s help finish the list by requesting 5 addresses today. Rogan’s List and Postcards To Voters thank all our postcarding volunteers.  We made a difference in voter turnout in 2018. Let’s keep up the good work of getting out the Democratic vote in 2019.
  • Watch and share this video – From Raices: This holiday season, nearly 15,000 migrant children are still detained. Children in these facilities report that they are told nothing about their families. They are alone, with no one to comfort them when they cry. RAICES sends lawyers to the remote locations where the children are held so that we can guide them through the asylum process. We hold the administration accountable when they contract with an organization to oversee these facilities that then waives FBI background checks for its employees.  Watch and share this video so these stories are not lost.
  • Join our Facebook Group – We have launched our new community Facebook group and we need your help to bring it to life!  This group will allow you, our members, to share information and engage in conversations. Use this link and send a join request.  You will be directed to two screener questions and then admitted into the group.  Let’s connect!
  • Get the word out about ACA enrollment – It is not too late to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act. Open Enrollment for health insurance purchased via the ACA ends January 23, 2019 in MA (and on December 15th in most other states). To enroll in MA you can use this link  or call 877-623-6765 to sign-up, and then share this information with friends and family.  You can get more information and details for other states here.

Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events

  • Rally at Neal’s Office – Thursday, January 3, 12:00 PM, 300 State St, Springfield. As part of Indivisible National’s day of action, RUWMI (in combination with other local Indivisible groups) will be hosting a “Friendly Action” at Neal’s Springfield office. We want to show Representative Neal, who will head the very influential Ways and Means Committee in January, that a substantial and vocal segment of his constituents want him to protect our democracy and promote progressive legislation. RSVP here.
  • Champagne Toast & Fundraiser for Representative Lindsay Sabadosa – Friday, January 4, 5:30-7:30PM, THELō Home & Modern Wellness, 153 Main Street, Northampton. Share in a toast to a progressive legislative session and wonderful 2019! Thank you to Mikala Hammonds & Jay Czelusniak, and THELō Home & Modern Wellness for hosting this celebratory event! Suggested donation is $75, but all are welcome regardless! Donations can also be made on ActBLue here. View event details here.
  • Becoming: A Western Region Discussion – Monday, January 7, 5:30-8:30PM, 45 Hancock Street, Springfield. Join us and our panel of dynamic and engaged women who will be sharing the impact that Michelle Obama’s book Becoming had on them. This event is sponsored by the Massachusetts Women of Color Coalition, Western Region and hosted by St. John’s Congregational Church. We encourage that questions for the panelists be submitted online to View the event on Facebook here.
  • Fund Our Future Community Forum – Wednesday, January 9, 6:00-7:30PM, Community Room, Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton. Massachusetts loves its public schools and colleges, but too many students are being left behind by inadequate state support. Come learn how much is owed to your city, town or campus. Learn when and how the funding crisis began. Learn what can be done to invest in the schools and colleges our communities deserve. Join educators, parents, neighbors, elected officials, and local leaders for an evening of action, information and support. Free childcare and pizza dinner will be provided. Snow date January 10th. View the event on Facebook here.
  • Sexual Health Lobby Day 2019 (Boston Event) – Thursday, January 17, 10:00AM-2:00PM, Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston. At Sexual Health Lobby Day, advocates from across the state will come together to declare: access to sexual and reproductive health care is a basic human right. The day will begin with a tabling fair and short speaking program to get you fired up, followed by a training to prepare you to hold effective conversations with your lawmakers. Then we’ll send you off to meet with your state representative and senator to advocate for a new bill to boldly and proactively expand access to safe, legal abortion; legislation that expands access to comprehensive sex education; and funding for Massachusetts family planning, teen pregnancy prevention, and HIV/AIDS prevention programs. The event will begin in the Great Hall of the State House at 10 AM. RSVP here
  • The #WomensWave – January 19. We are outraged. We are organized. They forgot that 5 million women lit the world on fire two years ago. On January 19, 2019, we’re going to remind them when we flood the streets of Washington, D.C., and with sister marches in cities across the globe. Save the date: The #WomensWave is coming, and we’re sweeping the world forward with us. Trump is obsessed with crowd size so we need to show up in masses in D.C. Join the wave by signing up here. Here also is the link to the sister march in Northampton.
  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here.  Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendar for additional events. Also, to be “in the know” about what Indivisible groups are doing across Massachusetts, sign up for the MA ACTION newsletter by sending an email to:

Indivisible National

Indivisible Explains HR-1: Strengthening our Democracy

Now that the Blue Wave has turned control of the House of Representatives over to the Democrats, they have the opportunity to use their new powers to demonstrate a big, bold, progressive vision for the future. This is exactly the strategy that we call for in our new guide, Indivisible on Offense.

There’s good news: they plan to do exactly that. We expect the very first bill in the Democratically-controlled House to be a democracy reform package, focused on voter empowerment and access, getting big money out of politics, and cracking down on corruption.

We’re planning a day of action on January 3 to urge the House to pass H.R. 1 as soon as possible without watering it down or breaking it up. Here’s what you need to know.

The More You Know

What actually happens during a government shutdown?

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