Hello fellow RUWMI activists,

Am I imagining it or is the air changing just a bit? Do you feel it too?  I know the calendar says fall is still a few weeks away, but I can sense something is coming.  Maybe it’s just some cooler air or maybe it’s our collective energy gathering as we head toward the primary. Either way, it feels significant, and I am ready to embrace it!

RUWMI Announcements

We have two RUWMI-sponsored events this week!  First, we will be hosting our Postcards at Panera event TOMORROW evening, where we will be writing postcards to voters for Tahirah Amatul-Wadud.  We will be meeting at Panera in East Longmeadow at 6:30 PM.  All you need to bring is yourself (and money for dinner/snack if you would like), we will take care of everything else. For more information, and to RSVP (so we can plan for number of postcards) click here.

Then, on Wednesday we will be canvassing for Tahirah in the Longmeadow/East Longmeadow area.  We meet at 5:15, at 61 Ellington Street, in Longmeadow, where we will get our canvassing maps and door cards.  If you’ve never canvassed before, we will provide training before we head out. You’ll need a car and you can go in pairs if you like.  Please email jackie@riseupwesternmass.com with questions and to let us know you will be coming.

Lastly, you’ll notice fewer items in our “Action Items” section this week and that’s intentional.  It’s because there are a plethora of candidate specific actions for you to participate in and in these last few weeks, that’s where our energy is needed most!



Voting and Candidate Information   

Election season is here!  That’s why it is imperative that we each vote, but also that we ensure as many other people as possible vote too.  So, for the next few weeks, every conversation you have should start with “Hi, are you registered to vote? No? Why don’t you take a minute to register now, let me show you how!” (helpful links below)
Here are important voting related dates to put on your calendar!

  • September 4th– This is the day for primary elections in MA.  Voting in the primaries is not only important, it is VITAL! Make sure that you will be able to vote even if you are going to be away for Labor Day. If you are away or otherwise unable to vote on Tuesday, September 4 (the day after Labor Day!), apply online for an absentee ballot.
  • October 17th– This is the last day to register to vote in the November general election!
  • November 6th– Nationwide mid-term elections.  Also known as BlueWaveDay.  We need to show up in record numbers and take back the house!  #TheVoteOfYourLife

Here are helpful links to bookmark and share!

  • Register to vote or update any information on your registration in MA (Note, young people turning 18 on or before election days can also register!)
  • Find your MA voting location
  • Find candidates worthy of your vote
  • Apply online for an MA absentee ballot (You can also pick up a ballot at your local town or city hall.)

Here are ways to connect with and support individual progressive candidates in our area! **In these last final weeks, candidates are adding new events all the time. Please check their Facebook and Webpages for the most current list of events**

  • Elizabeth Warren for Senate
  • Jay Gonzalez for Governor
    • No upcoming local events posted as of this printing
    • To view a complete list of Jay’s events – click 
  • Bob Massie for Governor
    • No upcoming local events posted as of this printing
    • To view a complete list of Bob’s events – click 
  • Josh Zakim for Secretary of State
    • No upcoming local events posted as of this printing
    • To view a complete list of Josh’s events – click
  • Quentin Palfrey for Lieutenant Governor 
    • Springfield Reception for Quentin Palfrey– August 25, 3:00-4:30PM, Student Prince Cafe and Fort Restaurant, 8 Fort St, Springfield. Event details
    • To view a complete list of Quentin’s events– click
  • Tahirah Amatul-Wadud for Congress
  • Lindsay Sabadosa for State Rep
    • Sabadosa HQ Open Office Hours– August 21, 5:00-7:00PM, 76 Gothic St, Northampton. Event details
    • Get Out the Vote Postcard Writing Party– August 21, 5:00-8:00PM, 76 Gothic St, Northampton. Event details
    • Canvassing for Lindsay – August 25 and September 1, from 10 am – 1 pm for canvassing around 1st Hampshire District. Event details 
    • Phone Banking for Lindsay – August 21 and August 28 @6:00PM, 76 Gothic St, Northampton, MA. Event details 
    • To view a complete list of Lindsay’s events – Click here
  • Amaad Rivera for State Senate
    • Phonebank for Change with ELM – August 22, 4:00-8:00PM, Event details 
    • To view a complete list of Amaad’s events – Click here
  • Chelsea Sunday Kline for State Senate
    • Saturday Canvass – August 25, 10:30AM-5:00PM, 89 Market Street, Northampton. Event details here.
    • To view a complete list of Chelsea’s events – Click 
  • Jo Comerford for State Senate
    • House party for Jo Comerford in Amherst– August 21, 5:30-7:00PM, 37 Salem Street, Amherst. Event details 
    • Hampshire County Phone Bank – August 23 and August 30, 5:30PM, 39 Main St, Northampton. Event details 
    • To view a complete list of Jo’s events – Click 
  • Ivette Hernandez for State Representative

Action Items   

  • RUWMOneSmallThing– Knocking on doors and speaking to potential voters is THE SINGLE best way to increase votes for a candidate you support. There are no fewer than 30 canvassing opportunities for Tahirah Amatul-Wadud’s campaign between now and the primary on Sept 4.  So, this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference is to use this link, find one location/time that works for you and sign up to help us knock on some doors.  Experience is not necessary.
  • Learn about The People’s Agenda 2018 – MA Jobs with Justice is working to get the word out to voters about the 3 Ballot questions this November. Read about them hereand then share the information with your friends.  Remember want to vote YES, YES, YES on all 3!
    • Safe Patient Staffing: This ballot measure will improve patient safety in Massachusetts hospitals by setting a maximum limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time, while providing flexibility to hospitals to adjust nurses’ patient assignments based on specific patient needs.
    • Advisory Commission on Corporate Personhood and Political Spending: The Initiative asks voters to establish a non-partisan Citizens Commission to advance the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to address the undue influence of concentrated money on elections and government policy.
    • Transgender Rights: This ballot initiative would uphold current legislation protecting trans people’s basic right to access public accommodations.
  • Check out one of these unique ways you can help in this election– Canvassing and phone-banking are vital, but they aren’t for everybody.  Here are two other ways you can help during this election season.
    • Drive a voter to the polls – Tahirah Amatal-Wadud’s campaign has a sign-up for people who are able to drive voters to the polls on election day.  Use this link, fill in your contact information at the top and then scroll to the bottom to sign-up to “Drive-a-Voter.”
    • Help with Campus Outreach– Take Back the House Western Mass has a committee to develop working relationships with the students at the different campuses in our area in order to cooperatively amplify our mutual efforts To Take Back the House this fall.  If interested in participating, or for more information, please contact Joel Rosen, jalrose2@gmail.com or Joan Schaffer at joanjrs@gmail.com.
  • Read about our CRP program and sign-up!
    • What It Is:CPR, is an acronym for Community Public R It was conceived by one of our members as a way for smaller numbers of people to quickly react/gather and publicly resist adverse governmental/political policies on a local level, (e.g. by town or smaller sections of cities) without the need to travel long distances to participate in a peaceful protest.
    • How It Works:The idea is to have 1 or 2 primary contacts for each town in the First Congressional District that would like to participate in peaceful protest. Jon would serve as the CPR Network coordinator and he would contact individual CPR point-persons via email to call for a Community Public Response when one is needed.  Each point-person then would contact their local CPR members to announce the reason for calling the rally, and the time and place of the rally being held in their town.
    • The Ask:This program is still in its infancy and as such there are still details to be worked out.  However, we do know that our next step is to see how many people are interested in being part of the CPR Network, and how many of our towns we can cover in this way.  So, we are asking that anyone who is interested in being part of this program email Jon at  jon@cpr-network.org
  • Share your thoughts on Indivisible’s post-election strategy. Indivisible National is looking for some feedback. Take their survey and help begin to chart our post-election strategy — for the lame duck Congress, first 100 days, and all the way to 2020.  Take the survey here.

Upcoming Events   

  • Postcards at Panera for Tahirah!– Tuesday, August 21, 6:30-8:00PM, Panera Bread (East Longmeadow, MA), 450 North Main Street, East Longmeadow. Come and join RUWMI us as we write postcards for the Tahirah Amatul-Wadud campaign! Our MA primary election is literally right around the corner (Sept 4). And, because we live in a strongly Democratic state, the primary WILL determine the winner in this race. We endorsed Tahirah for Congress, now let’s use these last few weeks to get her elected! Join us for an evening of postcard writing and conversation (with the option to purchase dinner if you choose). All necessary supplies will be provided! This event is kid friendly. View event details and RSVP here(so we can plan for number of supplies etc.)
  • Candidate Forum– Thursday, August 23, 5:30-7:30PM, Forest Park Middle School, 46 Oakland Street, Springfield. Join the Ward 6 Dems for a candidate forum for all races that include Ward 6. Come hear from Democratic candidates who will represent the Forest Park area of Springfield on all levels of government. View the event on Facebook
  • Social Change with a Splash of Sweetness– Thursday, August 23, 6:00-8:00PM, Pioneer Valley Workers Center, 20 Hampton Ave Suite 200, Northampton. Join Massachusetts Jobs with Justice for a sugar fix and some sweet social justice!! We’ll be providing information about our 2018 statewide campaign to pass the People’s Agenda and win the fight for ballot questions this fall! Bring a snack to share, your will to win and come be a part of this statewide campaign for change! View the event on Facebook
  • Women’s Equality Day Breakfast 2018– Sunday, August 26, 10:00AM-12:00PM, The Boylston Rooms, 122 Pleasant Street, Easthampton. Join us for a unique event on the 98th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to honor women of the past by celebrating the intersectionality of women’s leadership here in the Pioneer Valley today. This is a non-partisan/non-profit celebration of unity ~ Democracy is stronger when all participate. All are welcome. For details and tickets view the event on Facebook
  • 50 Miles More: Rally – Sunday, August 26, 12:00-2:00PM, Smith & Wesson, 2100 Roosevelt Ave, Springfield. Hosted by March for Our Lives: Boston & Stop Handgun Violence. Join us in a rally at Smith & Wesson, a company which is making guns in Massachusetts that cannot be legally sold in Massachusetts. These guns (Semi-Automatics) are commonly sold to neighboring states and then illegally transported back into Massachusetts. Smith & Wesson continues to be part of the problem and we demand that they finally become part of the solution.  View the event on Facebookfor more details.
  • RUWMI Primary Planning Meeting– Tuesday, August 28, 6:30-8:00PM, Chicopee Public Library, 449 Front Street, Chicopee This MOST IMPORTANT meeting will be our first after our summer break. Our focus will be all about the MA primary election on Sept 4th!  We will discuss action items and “last weekend” ideas to make that final push to the polls, as well as share any calls to action from our progressive candidates.  Come, bring a friend, and leave with ideas you can take (along with the potato salad) to your Labor Day BBQ!  View the event and RSVP here. 
  • Hampden Senate Candidates Forum– Wednesday, August 29, 6:00-7:00PM, Focus Springfield Community TV, 1200 Main St, Springfield. The community is invited to join the candidates for the Hampden Senate District seat. This is your opportunity to ask questions of the candidates Amaad Rivera and James Welch about issues of importance to you. The hour-long format will include prepared questions from the League and co-sponsors, an exchange of questions between the candidates, and questions submitted by the audience. The event will be broadcast live and live-streamed on the internet and Facebook. View the event details
  • Hampden Senate Debate – Thursday, August 30, 5:30-7:30PM, Mason Square Branch Library, 765 State St, Springfield, The Democratic Ward Committees of Springfield are proud to host a debate between the candidates for Hampden Senate. Join us on August 30 at the Mason Square Branch library for a conversation between the candidates for the September 4 primary in the Hampden Senate election: Amaad Rivera and James Welch. Doors open at 5:30pm with the event to begin at 6:00pm. All are welcome! Don’t know if you’re in the Hampden Senate? Check at this link. View event details
  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here. Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendarfor additional events. Also, to be “in the know” about what Indivisible groups are doing across Massachusetts, sign up for the MA ACTION newsletter by sending an email to: news@indivisible-ma.org.

Indivisible National

Let’s check in with the current #TrumpThreatLevel.
Donald Trump is a National Security Risk.  From his tweets to his bluster to his white supremacist policies, Donald Trump poses a security risk to the United States. He is actively making us less safe with each day in office. Here is a running list of just some of the ways he has threatened our safety—and don’t forget to check out our new website, where you can learn more about the current #TrumpThreatLevel.

The More You Know

What is the Quiet Skies program?

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Aretha Franklin the activist – Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, passed away this week. She was well known for her music but she was also a civil rights activist.  Read about her activism here, and here.

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