• RUWMOneSmallThing – WE ARE SO CLOSE! AVR was recently approved with a bipartisan vote in the House and a unanimous vote in the Senate. Now, it’s headed to Governor Baker’s desk. We just need his signature to make AVR a reality in MA which will enhance the security of our voter rolls while also bringing 700,000 eligible citizens who are not yet registered into the electoral process. So, this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference, is to tell Governor Baker to sign AVR into law! You can call his office at (617) 725-4005 and use this easy link from Common Cause MA to send a message.


  • Keep up to date with all things voting – Check out Indivisible’s Turbo Vote. Sign up, check your registration and get updates on local elections.  Stay informed and ready to be part of the blue wave! And while you’re at it, help us make the #TheVoteOfYourLife hashtag go viral on Twitter, because Nov. 6th will be the most important vote of our lives.


  • Support local teens working to prevent gun violence! – Massachusetts students are planning a 50-Mile walk for gun violence prevention next month, as part of a national campaign started by youth in Wisconsin. On August 22nd, students will gather in Worcester. Beginning the next morning they will walk west to Springfield, ending on August 26th at Smith and Wesson’s headquarters. Students are demanding that Smith and Wesson stop selling guns outside of Massachusetts that are not allowed to be sold in Massachusetts, and for funding from Smith and Wesson for gun trafficking research. In order to accomplish this task, students need a variety of adult volunteers, including adult walkers, first aid helpers, meal preparers and drivers. Let’s each do our part and take one of the actions below! For more information, please contact: Zoe Grover
    • Volunteer (a variety of shifts available on August 22nd, August 23rd, August 24th, August 25th, August 26th): Sign up here
    • Buy a t-shirt to support their cause
    • Make a tax deductible donation for food, security and permits:
    • Join them at the end of their walk at 12:00pm at a rally across the street from Smith and Wesson on August 26th.


  • Censure President Donald Trump – From MomsRising: President Putin is not a friend of democracy, something every country in the world understands, but President Trump does not. For our President to side with Putin and call into question the conclusions of our intelligence services and Congressional investigations was beyond shameful and the American people will not stand for it. Sign on here to demand that Congress censure the President now, as well as take immediate bipartisan action to protect our electoral integrity and advance investigations.


  • Join The Last Weekend Initiative – This year it’s more important than ever to not just vote but to volunteer to get others to vote as well. Study after study shows that the most effective way to get people to vote is by having conversations with them in the four days before Election Day (Saturday, November 3rd–Tuesday, November 6th). Each of us has the power to make a big difference in a key race by talking to voters. Don’t just vote this year—volunteer! Watch this video to learn about The Last Weekend and then check out the website here.  Now mark your calendars for Nov 3 – Nov 6, because you’ve got plans!


  • Stay Up-to-date on Civil Rights Issues – Sign up for the ACLU’s new weekly newsletter here and receive regular roundups of the week’s most important civil rights and civil liberties developments, along with the sharpest legal and political analysis from the lawyers, activists, and organizers who fight for our rights every day.


  • Speak (or type) your mind! – Is there an issue you are passionate about? (Climate change? Racial justice?), a candidate you really believe in (Tahirah Amatul-Wadud?), or a ballot initiative you really want to see passed (Freedom for All MA?). Writing a letter to the editor of your local paper is an easy and effective way to reach a large audience and get the word out about what matters to you.  It’s armchair activism at its most effective.  Never written a letter to the editor before?  Unsure how to do it?  Check out this resource, and this one and this one for help and get writing!


  • Don’t forget about the migrant children – With the crazy news cycle last week, the horror of children separated from their parents has fallen from the headlines. So, it’s up to us to keep this vital issue alive.  Read the latest (from Indivisible) here and check out the action items at the end of the article.  Share this article or this article or this one on your own social media and help to amplify the issue. And, you guessed it, then post a link to these articles with #TheVoteOfYourLife.)


  • Help Support RiseUpWesternMass Indivisible – RUWMI is completely volunteer run and self-funded to date. Your donation will support the direct costs of our organizing in the greater Springfield area — things like meeting room rental, posters/art supplies, printing, postage, transportation, and more! Any amount is appreciated and you can donate via ActBlue here … and then post about it using #TheVoteOfYourLife.

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