• RUWMOneSmallThing – As we said above, this week we march. So this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference is to use this link to find a Families Belong Together march near you and make a commitment to show up!  We cannot remain silent on this.



  • ACLU: Watch and Share – This week, we were flooded with news on how the Trump administration is terrorizing immigrant children and families at the border. On top of that, we got a surprise executive order when President Trump finally decided to end his own policy of separating families. But the order callously ignores the thousands of children that have already been torn away from their parents, and it signals that immigrants crossing the border can now expect mass family prison camps. Watch and share this video from the ACLU.



  • Tweet your thanks – From Wall of Us. The Trump Administration’s inhumane policies have inspired many progressive companies to join the fight alongside all-of-us for what’s right. This week, American Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Alaska Airlines landed on the right side of history. These airlines are refusing to transport immigrant children from their families. Their refusal to do so is reported to have been a factor in causing Trump to sign his (vague) Executive Order ending the family separation policy. When companies step up and do what’s right, all-of-us must give them a shout out. Tweet a thank you message to these airlines and ask them to keep up their resolve. Here are their Twitter handles. @AmericanAir @Delta @United @SouthwestAir @FlyFrontier


  • Sign this petition – From: National Domestic Workers Alliance. Don’t let Trump’s latest move fool you: Children are still being jailed, and they’re still being separated from their families–both at the border and at ICE detention facilities across the country. Demand the Trump Administration stop caging children and jailing their parents IMMEDIATELY — and reunite jailed children with their families. Families belong together, and free! Sign the petition here.


  • Build a Power of Onesie – Help MomsRising form a massive chain of “Keep Families Together” ONEsies at the Families Belong Together rally by decorating a baby onesie and sending it to us at MomsRising, c/o BerlinRosen, 1620 L Street NW, Suite 300A, Washington, DC 20036 – or by purchasing a special decorated baby onesie for us to add ASAP to the project for you. Decorating or donating a onesie is a powerful way to help and also to be represented at the rallies even if you can’t take time off work or travel to an event — and is also an extremely effective way to visually communicate that the lives of young people are on the line.


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