• RUWMOneSmallThing – We rarely have a Monday morning action that involves money. This is because we want these to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.  However, we are making an exception this week because there are so many great groups working to help immigrants at the border and they need funds to do it.  So, if you are able, this week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference is to make a donation to one of these organizations helping immigrants at the border.  If you are unable to make a donation, instead we ask you to share this post with a friend who may be in a position to do so (list provided by Pioneer Valley Women’s March)


  • ACLU: Vote like your rights depend on it – To have a stronger impact in this electoral year, the ACLU is encouraging millions of people to vote like their rights depend on it. Can you share this website with 5 friends/family to demand that candidates defend our democracy?


  • Tell Amazon to get out of the Surveillance business – Amazon’s product, Rekognition, has the power to identify people in real time, in photos of large groups of people, and in crowded events and public places. At a time when we’re joining public protests at unprecedented levels, and discriminatory policing continues to terrorize communities of color, handing this surveillance technology over to the government threatens our civil rights and liberties. Facial recognition is not a neutral technology, no matter how Amazon spins this. It automates mass surveillance, threatens people’s freedom to live their private lives outside the government’s gaze, and is primed to amplify bias and inequality in the criminal justice system.

    Amazon has no business allowing governments to use Rekognition – or powering a surveillance state. Sign this petition to tell Amazon to get out of the business of providing Rekognition face recognition to the government.



  • Sign this petition from Families Belong Together – Trump’s federal agents are taking children, from infants to teens, away from their immigrant parents – tearing apart families and meting out physical and psychological abuse at our border, every day. We demand that Trump keep families together. Sign the petition to join the movement stand up for immigrant children and families. Sign the petition here. While you are on their webpage, scroll down for some social media graphics and posters you can use.


  • Make a donation to help immigrants at the border – If you are able, consider making a donation to one of these organizations helping immigrants at the border (listed provided by Pioneer Valley Women’s March)


  • Demand a Gun Safety Study – Contact Betsy Devos and make sure that the School Safety Commission studies access to guns by using One Pulse for America’s action As of now, Devos is refusing to include a study about guns in her commission.


  • Call to get the Safe Communities Act Passed – The Massachusetts State Senate has adopted the Safe Communities Amendments on their budget and now we need the House to agree and send a final budget that includes these basic protections for immigrants. However, Governor Baker has already threated to veto.  Please call the following people and urge them to support the Safe Communities Act by including the Safe Communities Amendments in the final budget bill. Speaker Robert DeLeo 617-722-2500, Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez 617-722-2990, Governor Charles Baker 617-725-4005


  • Urge our Senators to Visit the Border – Call Senator Elizabeth Warren (413) 788-2690 and Senator Ed Markey 413-785-4610 and urge them to visit the border.  We need as many eyes on the situation as possible and we need to keep this this in the news headlines!


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