• RUWMOneSmallThing – This week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference is to Support passage of a Red Flag Law here in MA. Red Flag law is such an important gun safety measure! H.3610 would allow a doctor, a police officer, or someone who lives with a gun owner to seek an “extreme risk protective order.” Based on the details and a judge’s review of the level of danger, these orders can be done immediately. Contact your state rep. ask them to support the Red Flag to protect us from guns in the wrong hands. The NRA actually endorses this bill, but the MA affiliate GOAL, opposes it. This bill has been voted out of committee and is ready to be voted on first by the house. Time is tight. and ask your rep to vote yes.Grab your phone and text SAFETY to 644-33 and Everytown for Gun Safety will connect you to your rep.


  • This Mother’s Day give a gift that makes you both feel good – Mother’s Day is coming and it’s a good time to do something nice for the special moms and mother-figures in our lives (and for mother earth). We have some links to “out of the box” Mother’s Day gift ideas, that will make you feel as good to give, as mom will to receive. Check them out here, here, here, and here.


  • Support Teens for Action Springfield – This group of amazing local teens started in response to the Parkland, FL shooting. Since then they have planned the local March for Our Lives and are working on dialoging with Smith and Wesson.  Here is how you can support them.
    • Check out their website here
    • Like and follow their Facebook page.
    • If you are a member of another group, invite them to come and speak and help them spread their message and gain more support.


  • Stop the Confirmation of Gina Haspell – From Indivisible National: Gina Haspel’s Senate confirmation hearing will be on Wednesday. Voting will begin shortly after that. We can win this fight: make sure you check out our resources, call scripts, and more here, then call 1-855-980-2350 to talk to your senators and tell them to #BlockHaspel. Our senators will but let’s call and show them support for their “no” vote! (as of the writing of this newsletter, news had just broken that Haspel tried to withdraw her nomination and that the White House was trying to get her talk her out of it. Let’s keep up the pressure!)


  • Reject anti-immigrant budget amendments – Call Speaker DeLeo’s office (617-722-2500) and your own representative and ask them to reject the following anti-immigrant budget amendments, which would create even broader authority for police to detain immigrants or punish the 31 cities and towns who have enacted legislation to limit police participation with ICE: Amendments 113 (Lombardo), 227 (Diehl), 347 (Lyons). You can find your Representative’s phone number


  • Check out this amazing candidate information resource – From Wall-of-Us: Vote Smart, whose mission is “to provide free, factual, unbiased information and elected officials to All Americans” has already done all of the heavy lifting for us. Vote Smart has an army of volunteers who collect information on candidates and elected officials in six basic areas: background information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, interest group ratings, and speeches and public statements. Trying to cut down on your screen time? You can also call Vote Smart and their knock out volunteers will research candidates for you and make sure those you vote for are up to scratch. Watch this video to learn about how it works and then go to the Vote Smart website and start researching your candidates!


  • Can You Open Your Home to an Immigrant? – Join We Belong Together, a project of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and other organizations, by pledging to open your homes to a family from the migrant caravan who are often fleeing extreme poverty and violence and asking for asylum. Sign up to be notified if there is a need in your hometown (or share with anyone else you know who may be interested). You can also text “WELCOME” to 97779 to send a message of support.


  • Sign this petition from NILC – From the National Immigration Law Center: We’re suing the Trump administration on behalf of Marco Villada, a DACA recipient who has been barred from returning home to Los Angeles despite assurances by the administration that he could return. When we first shared Marco’s story, we saw overwhelming support in the fight to #BringMarcoBack, and now we’re less than 2,000 signatures away from our goal. Add your name here


  • Sign this petition to save UMass Boston – From Mass Jobs with Justice: We have been organizing with student, community and labor groups, professors and other faculty to save UMass Boston. From tuition hikes to job cuts and layoffs, this is a crisis for the community. For decades, Massachusetts has disinvested from public higher education and the UMass system has failed to prioritize its most diverse campus, leaving UMass Boston increasingly inaccessible to the students it is supposed to serve, in debt, and tottering on a crumbling foundation. The school is primarily made up of Black, Latino, and Vietnamese students. A large number of them are from working class backgrounds and are first-generation college students who live in the area. We are demanding that the state legislation fully fund UMass Boston. There are multiple ways for you to be involved in helping save UMass Boston – read more and sign the petition here.

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