Hello fellow RUWMI activists!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  May your holiday be filled with peace and joy in the company of those you love!


RUWMI Announcements

This newsletter is virtually free of ‘to-dos’ (well there is just one small one).  If you haven’t done so already could you take just two minutes and fill out our survey? We are gearing up for the new year and we need your input. Please let us know what issues you want us to focus on in 2018 using this quick and easy survey.

Action Items
  • RUWMOneSmallThing –This week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference, is to step back, unplug, and relax. Enjoy the lovely snow that reminds us that “Winter is Coming” for Trump and the GOP. The resistance is stronger than ever and we’ll need as many rested and reenergized Snowflakes as we can get for the fights ahead!


Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events
  • Rise Up Western Mass Meeting – January 10th, 6:30-7:30 PM, Springfield Central Library, Community Room (lower level). Come and join us as we re-engage for the new year and make signs for the march on Jan 20th! View the Facebook event here.



  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here. Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendar for additional events.


From Indivisible National

What to expect when Congress gets back in January

Congress will have a full plate when it gets back to DC. The Senate is expected to return on January 3, and the House is expected to return January 8. In addition to seating Doug Jones, they will immediately need to turn again to funding the government. New issues, like “welfare reform” and infrastructure will start to emerge as well. Here’s what we know will happen and what could happen. Continue reading here


Check This Out

Some songs for the season.


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