Hello fellow RUWMI activists, and happy Chanukah to those who celebrate!

No doubt you are all busy with holiday prep (shopping, wrapping, arranging family events, etc.) and it seems impossible to fit activism into such a busy time of year; and we agree!  So, this week’s newsletter is light on events and has “quick and easy” action items; plus, we’ve added a special holiday shopping section so you can find the perfect “activism friendly” gift!


RUWMI Announcements


First, we wanted to thank those who came to our Resistance Resolutions meeting last week.  We had an active and productive discussion about where we want to focus our energy in the coming year.  We are synthesizing that information into a simple Google survey so those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, can still be part of this decision-making process. Look for the survey in next week’s newsletter.  Also looking ahead, please put these dates into your January calendar: Jan 10 (our first meeting of the new year), and Jan 20 (one year later, we march again!).  More details coming soon!


Action Items


  • RUWMOneSmallThing – This week’s #RUWMOneSmallThing, one small thing you can do that will make a difference comes from Wall-of-Us:

“Despite the shady Administration’s best efforts to keep citizens who need healthcare in the dark about how to sign up for the ACA, enrollment this year is already up about 50% — and that’s with a sign-up season that is 50% shorter than last year. Not bad! With just under one week left before the December 15 final deadline to sign up for health coverage, all-of-us must be all-hands-on-deck to make sure everyone who needs coverage gets it.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up using this link if you need health insurance!
  2. Spread the word. Share this information – remember the deadline is this Friday 12/15!


  • Join the “if Trump fires Mueller” Rapid Response Team – Sign up to join our local MoveOn.org’s “Mueller Firing Rapid Response” campaign. It’s at 50 State St (Springfield MA U.S. District Court Building) in Springfield. This is one of 350 events planned nationwide if Trump fires Mueller. But, it’s not just a reactive plan—our efforts are already making news, helping show that there will be an immediate backlash if Trump fires Mueller. RSVP here to join.


  • Tell the Senate: Vote NO on Concealed Carry Reciprocity – Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would let almost anyone carry a loaded, concealed firearm just about anywhere in the United States of America. Now we need to make sure this legislation never gets through the Senate and onto President Trump’s desk. Sign this petition from Senator Chris Murphy, telling the Senate to vote NO on this dangerous legislation.


  • Call and thank our Senators for supporting DREAMers – by voting “no” on the Continuing Resolution. Our Senators, Markey and Warren, were two of only 8 Senators who showed their support of Dreamers and voted “no” on the CR last week.  Call them and thank them!


  • Keep fighting for Net Neutrality – Protect your right to access to the internet, before the FCC vote on December 14 to roll back net-neutrality rules. This impacts EVERYBODY.  Here are some actions you can take
    1. Call congress, click here to use this easy call tool from Common Cause.
    2. Sign this petition from Senator Kamala Harris
    3. Use this tool to write to the FCC and demand they protect net neutrality.


Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events


  • Indivisible Policy 101 Webinar – Thursday, December 14 at 8 PM. Get to know your government a bit better: Indivisible’s policy team is hosting a Policy 101 webinar to get everyone better acquainted with how Congress works and where we can make the most impact. RSVP for the Policy 101 webinar here.


  • Massachusetts Civics Day – December 15th, 9:15AM-12:30PM, MA Statehouse, 24 Beacon Street, Boston. Generation Citizen is looking for judges to serve at Massachusetts Civics Day. Join 100 select MA leaders to meet and advise middle and high school students who are leading real community change here in MA.  Civics Day Judges listen to student presentations and provide feedback and suggestions. The Civics Day Judge experience is a unique opportunity to learn from young people, provide advice and coaching, and become inspired by a new generation of community leaders. Sign up using this form.


  • Truth School: And Still We Rise: Leadership Forum for WOC – Part 4 – December 16, 9:00AM-12:00PM, 741 State St, Springfield. This is part 4 of a 6-session series, which will meet on the third Saturday of each month through February 2018. Because this is a program that emphasizes community building and deepening relationships, participants are asked to commit to all six sessions. Register here


  • Boricua Care Packages Project: A Journey of Love and Hope – December 17, 6:00-7:30 PM, El Mercado Holyoke, 413 Main Street, Holyoke. Presented by Holyoke City Councilor Jossie Valentin. Join us for a community presentation where we will share stories and visuals about our 3-week journey in Puerto Rico. Please bring a gift card to CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart (these are all stores that are in several towns in Puerto Rico) if you would like to donate towards Christmas gifts for Puerto Rico. View the Facebook event page


  • To get the most up to date list of events, go to Rise Up Western Mass’s event calendar here. Also bookmark the  National Resistance Calendar for additional events.



From Indivisible National


Impeachment is a process, and the time to begin is now.

June 8, 2017. We should all remember this date, because it was the day when former FBI Director James Comey (a Republican) confirmed under oath what many of us already suspected and what the press has reported—that Donald Trump asked him to drop the investigation into disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. Period. Let’s be clear about what this means: the President of the United States knew that the FBI was investigating his associates, TRIED TO STOP THAT INVESTIGATION, and then fired the person who wouldn’t stop it. This is obstruction of justice, a federal crime, and an impeachable offense. (See our explainer on obstruction of justice here.) Continue reading here

Shop for Good


Here are some places you may want to consider when deciding where to spend your holiday dollars this season!


Check This Out


We certainly can’t tell you where you should and shouldn’t spend your money this holiday season……but you can check out this link for information that may make you think twice about spending your money at certain retailers.

As Americans we spend a great deal of money during the holiday season, and yet we are keenly aware that for many, financial hardships make this a particularly difficult time of year.  This segment seen on Fahreed Zakaria GPS gives an interesting historical perspective on income inequality.  You can listen here (forward to 19:00) or read the transcript here (scroll to time stamp 10:25:55).


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