Remember: One issue per call.  Leave your zip code.  Be polite.


Express Approval for ACHA No-Vote

Call Representative Richard Neal and tell him you are happy that the ACHA was pulled from the floor.  Here is Representative Neal’s Closing Argument on the ACHA for your reference.  Positive reinforcement is important.  Silence is not an option.


Block Gorsuch by Blocking “Cloture”

Sen. Chuck Schumer has announced that he intends to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination. Senators Warren & Markey both support the filibuster – but that is not enough —they have to commit to voting against “cloture.” The cloture vote ends a filibuster, and it requires 60 votes.  Call Senators Warren & Markey and ask them to commit to voting against cloture for Gorsuch. Here is an  updated script from the Indivisible Guide.  Regardless what you may think about Gorsuch’s stance on particular issues, there is a strong argument that a lifetime appointment of a SCJ is improper while #45 is under investigation by the FBI.


Call for a Special Prosecutor, Independent Investigation & Recusal of Nunes

Representative Richard Neal:  Demand that Nunes Recuse himself from the Russian Investigation and tell Representative Neal  THANK YOU for co-sponsoring HR 356, the Protecting Our Democracy Act. The bill would establish an independent, 12-member commission to fully examine Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Our nation’s electoral integrity is not a partisan issue. House representatives from both sides of the aisle must support an independent investigation of Russia’s electoral interference.

Call Senators Warren & Markey and tell them THANK YOU for cosponsoring Senate Bill 27, which calls for an independent commission to investigate Russian influence on our election and democracy.


HR 186: No More Secret Tax Returns

Rep. Bill Pascrell’s Resolution of Inquiry (H.Res. 186), directing the Treasury Secretary to provide the House of Representatives with Trump’s tax returns from 2006 through 2015, will have a markup in the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday afternoon. Only 62 Members, including Representative Richard Neal, have cosponsored this resolution so far. Tell Representative Neal THANK YOU for cosponsoring HR 186 and if your MOC still needs to get on board, here’s the Indivisible Guide’s updated script.  It is important to note this Resolution is a call for the House to take an action, and does not go to the Senate for further approval, as a bill would before it becomes law.


More recommendations or opportunities for action?  Please leave in the comments below.

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