The Affordable Care Act

The Republican push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is meeting resistance from both sides of the political aisle.  The folks at Indivisible have compiled a great list of resources so you can be sure you are armed with the facts necessary to defend the ACA and oppose Trumpcare.  Indivisible also has a script with language for use when your representatives oppose the repeal and replace measures (scroll to the bottom).  Even if our representatives are doing what you want, we still need to make our voices heard.

Muslim Ban 2.0

Trump’s second Executive Order concerning travel and/or refugees from Muslim majority countries is slated to go into effect March 16, 2017 12:01ET.  The only solution to the Muslim ban is not to have a Muslim ban.  This week, contact your Congressional representatives to be sure they hear you loud & clear.  Indivisible has created a script for use if your Senators oppose the ban – this one from first ban still works (naturally).  You can call their offices directly – here is a script for the call.  The ACLU has also put together an email tool.  This week – make your voice heard & say NO to the Muslim Ban.

Demand a Special Prosecutor on Sessions and Russia

The ACLU is one of the many prominent organizations requesting a special prosecutor be appointed by Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente – to examine the role Russia played in our election and the involvement of Jeff Sessions.  Session’s recusal is not enough – the American people deserve a nonpartisan, thorough and complete investigation.  You can sign the ACLU’s Petition here.

Senate Mini-Recess March 16–19

Rise Up Western Mass does not have plans to appear at our Representatives office during this mini-recess.  If you would like to form a group to visit Senator Markey or Senator Warren’s Springfield Offices, please get in touch.  We can rally a group in a number of ways – via Facebook Event, Slack Messaging or use this website’s contact form to get started with this “In-Person Activism” opportunity.

Have another action point?  Please leave a description & relevant links in the comments below.

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